Bobby's World - Interview With Howie

How did you create Bobby?

I accidentally came up with the voice while choking on something when I was an 11 year old boy

What led you to create the Bobby's World TV show?

In 1989 FOX was creating a TV division and my two friends Jim Stahl and Jim Fisher signed a deal with them.

They called me to do a show based on the Bobby character I did in my stand up act which I believed was in no way family entertainment but as we sat around and came up with stories that really happened in our own childhood or true stories we heard that happened to friends of ours -- that was the seed of Bobby's World.

Who are the other characters based on?

The other characters are all based on characteristics of our parents' friends and relatives all rolled up and mixed up into each one.

Were you like Bobby as a kid?

I was exactly like Bobby as a kid and still am as an adult.

What inspired you to be a comedian?

I was not inspired to become a comedian -- I was dared to get up on stage at a comedy club. I guess things worked out now that you are reading this web site!

Who were some of your favorite comedians or comedy role models?

I love the comedy of Steve Martin, Richard Pryor and Woody Allen.

What do you do in your free time when you're not making DEAL OR NO DEAL?

Between "Deal or No Deal" and 250 live comedy standup dates a year, Bobby's World and gardening I have no free time.

Besides "Gremlins" and "Little Monsters," what is your favorite movie of all time and was the best movie you saw this year?

At this point I have seen Borat 4 times.

What CD is in your car right now, or what was the last CD you bought for yourself?

Nickelback is the music in my car right now.

What was your favorite animated show when you were a kid?

Favorite as a kid was Bugs Bunny.

What is the best part about hosting DEAL OR NO DEAL?

It just seems to go by so fast it allows me time to garden.

Tell us one thing no one knows about you. It can be your wildest dreams or the color of your socks even!

No one knows I hate gardening. Taffy Entertainment



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